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The First NFT Cross-Chain MarketPlace

Buy and sell your NFTs in synergy and simultaneously on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon.
Simple, powerful and fast

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Create an NFT

Download an item. Fill in the NFT, title, description and metadata information.

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Sell NFTs

Choose currency, auction, fixed price, best bid and percentage of royalties.

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Buying NFTs

Buying any ETH Chain NFT will be possible with BNB or BUSD.

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Our Features

No matter which blockchain you prefer, or even if you don't have Ethereum, you can buy and sell any NFT from any blockchain.

Easy payments

Automatic transaction swapping and routing to the right blockchain

Multi-assets format

Images, Videos, Audio, Document with a categorization system via flexible metadata.

Personalized royalties

Royalties are at the discretion of the seller who can determine the amount directly on the platform.

Selling options

Best option to sell your NFTs: powerful auction, fixed price and best offer system.

Unique routing system

The unique multi-channel router system allows the transaction amount to flow even if the buyer and seller are on two different channels.

Low fees

Our Marketplace fees are 1% on each transaction of purchase only.

MetaNFT Token

Token Informations

The supply of MetaNFT tokens is deflationary and the MetaNFT team burns a quantity of MetaNFT obtained from purchases with the profits of the NFT market each month.

TOTAL SUPPLY: 100 000 000
ADDRESS:In Progress

Transaction Fees

Fees are collected on Buy and Sell transactions.

Buy Fees: 8%
> 5% will be allocated for rewards to holders
> 3% for the developer team

Sell Fees: 14%
> 5% will be allocated for rewards to holders
> 9% for the marketing team

Rewards System

Our team has developed a reward system based on loyalty through its smart contract.

The rewards are distributed to two types of HOLDERS:
> MetaNFT's 1000 Biggest Holders
> MetaNFT's 1000 Oldest Holders

A Dashboard is available to everyone in order to follow the status of your Wallet as well as its position.

 Launch Dashboard


Platform listing to be announced

Binance Smart Chain
Quantum AI


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You can buy or sell any NFT on our platform and exchange it via our marketplace, regardless of whether it is an artwork or a video.

You can buy and sell no matter which blockchain you use, and no matter the blockchain on which the NFT is stored. As a seller, you have the advantage of offering your NFTs on any blockchain at the same time, and as a buyer, you don't have to worry about having money in the NFT's blockchain. The entire process is automated for you.

The purpose of our marketplace is to connect all blockchains together, so that users can buy, sell and validate their transactions with ease.

We are great art lovers who delight in contemplating works of art of all kinds and styles, but only their owners can enjoy them as they are often not accessible. Our ultimate goal is to develop a gigantic virtual museum so that everyone can enjoy the works of art with ease.

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